200G QSFP-DD to 8x25G SFP28 Passive DAC

Experience optimized connectivity with our 200G QSFP-DD to 8x25G SFP28 Passive DAC—efficiency and reliability for seamless data transfer.

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Dell Compatible 200G QSFP-DD to 8x25G SFP28 DAC Breakout Cable (1-meter, Passive, QSFP-DD to 8 SFP28, 30AWG)

The Dell compatible cable assembly is designed to meet the high density requirements of standard and combo connector configurations. QSFP-DD pluggable solutions enable 200G transmission. This hot-swappable transceiver integrates 8 transmit and 8 receive channels. It is fully compliant with SFF-8472, SFF-8432, QSFP-DD MSA, SFP28 MSA and IEEE802.3bj standards.
It is suitable for very short distances, and offers a highly cost-effective Ethernet connectivity solution for the interconnection between devices using 200G QSFPDD ports and 25G SFP28 ports in data centers, High Performance Computing(HPC) and Switches/Routers/Server/Storage racks and across adjacent racks.


Part Number


Vendor Name


Connector Type

QSFP-DD to 8 SFP28

Max Data Rate




Cable Type

Passive Twinax

Cable Length

1m (3ft)

Wire AWG


Minimum Bend Radius


Power Consumption


Jacket Material


Commercial Temperature Range

0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)


QSFP-DD MSA, SFP28 MSA, IEEE802.3bj, SFF-8472, SFF-8432


5 Years

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