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2U chassis with 8 general service slots, and the performance of a single slot can be flexibly expanded to meet different service needs. It adopts advanced hardware architecture and no mid-board design, which improves the ventilation and heat dissipation capacity of the equipment, and the single slot capacity is up to 800Gbps, supports a maximum of 3.2Tbps electrical layer processing capacity, providing customers with various transmission solutions with different capacities, different transmissio

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System Parameter

Technical Index

Maximum capacity of single system

4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 40CH, 48CH, 80CH, 96CH.

Wavelength range

DWDM: 1529.16nm-1567.14nm(191.3THz-196.05THz)

Single channel capacity

100G/200G/400G and three-speed smooth upgrade; coherent detection reception, QPSK/16QAM/16QAMPS modulation technology.

Service access types


Ethernet: 10GbE, 40GE, 100GbE.



FC/FICON: 8G/10G/16G

Physical network topology

Chain type, star type, ring type.

Working temperature

-10℃ ~ 70℃

Storage temperature

-40℃ ~ 80℃

Relative humidity

5% ~ 95% no condensation

Dimensions (mm)


Heat dissipation

Wind in from the front, wind outlet from the back, 4+1 FRU fan.


Integrated chassis, 19-inch rack.

Power supply

220V/AC, 50Hz; -48V/DC and 240V HVDC power supply. (optional)

Safety and EMC

Comply with FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standards.

Power consumption



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